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What is the right class for my child?

Gymboree Play & Music classes are uniquely and intentionally designed for early childhood development. Through play, your child is challenged physically, socially, and cognitively, building crucial skills to support a lifetime of learning.

Our expert play leaders support you through 45 minutes of uninterrupted time to play, explore, and learn. Our custom-designed curriculum challenges your child as they grow, with changing playscapes and themes every three weeks.

Babies: 0-8 months

This class is for babies ages 0-8 months old. If you’re looking for a first interactive activity with your infant, this is the place to begin! Meet like-minded parents with babies the same age as yours while our expert teachers lead you through nurturing exercises and activities that stimulate your baby’s brain development including depth perception, sensory input, visual tracking, strength, and more!

Crawlers: 6-14 months

This class is a great opportunity for parents to explore your baby’s newfound mobility every week through developmental activities on the equipment that build strength, awareness, confidence, and curiosity, alongside group play and socializing with others! For moms, dads and grandparents with babies ages 6-14 months this class allows non-crawlers, crawlers and early walkers the opportunity to safely explore and grow their physical, cognitive, and social abilities while reaching every milestone.

Walkers: 10-18 months

Give your little one a safe space to practice their growing walking skills! This class for walkers ages 10-18 months is a great opportunity for them to explore diverse physical movements like climbing, crawling, and balancing to support healthy muscle and bone development, while also practicing social skills and memory building through sing-alongs and group-play. This age of curiosity and growth needs to be nurtured through parent involvement, social interaction, and both teacher and child-led activities – this class offers just that!

Runners: 16-24 months

Now that your little one is up and running, it’s time to set them up for success. This Runners class for toddlers ages 16-24 months is all about opposites! Loud and quiet, fast and slow, up and down! Binary topics, or contrasting ‘themes’, means your child is building their vocabulary while learning better ways to communicate. Explore the different equipment pieces each week to build problem-solving, navigating skills, and confidence. Your child will be excelling in physical and social play by the end of this class.

Explorers: 22-36 months

Our explorer class is a great opportunity to focus on imaginative play for toddlers ages 22-36 months. Our play floor comes to life with trips to the grocery store, eating pizza, finding animals, and even bugs! As we play, we also introduce concepts such as self-regulation, independence, critical thinking, motor skills, and teamwork! School is just around the corner, and in this class, you get to witness your child’s imagination comes to life and be part of their learning journey. This is a great transition for early learning and classroom readiness – while keeping learning through play at the forefront.

Open Gym: Mobile-5 years old

We welcome all children, at all levels of development ages 6 months – 5 years old! This is unstructured play where we invite you to come explore our playscapes for some completely child-led playtime. Spend quality time with them doing what they love to do while burning off some energy!

Preschool Steps: 2-3 Years

This preschool program is an add-on for your 2-3 year old’s membership that allows for a 30 min addition of time to Explorer’s classes where parents step away, out of sight, and let children experience communication, friendship, creativity, and confidence in a program. The program features unique play-based activities, games, books, and puzzles that expand language and support pre-literacy as they prepare your little one for preschool!

School Skills: 3-5 Years

In addition to our core classes, we have a School Skills Preschool Program (3-5 Years) building confidence and curiosity for kids. This drop-off program includes both independent and group learning activities that require cooperation and self-awareness while encouraging communication with peers.

Family Play & Learn: Mobile-5 years

This class is fun for the family to join in! Parents, grandparents, and children ages 6 months – 5 years old are welcome to join in. More adventures come to life through imaginary play combined with activities focused on motor and spatial development, language acquisition, and problem-solving skills that accommodates all ages in this multiage play class. A perfect opportunity for siblings to experience class together, or for children to practice more diverse social skills like leadership and peer modeling.

Family Art: 18 months – 5 Years

Make colorful memories in the Gymboree art studio! All children benefit from a space to be creative. Children are eager to explore different mediums, textures, and ways to express themselves. What to expect in class: Sculpt with a giant block of clay, design a family tree, paint a mural, or make a creation of your very own. It’s creative fun for the whole family!

Gymbo looks forward to seeing you and your little one in an upcoming class very soon!

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