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Hey Gymbo!

We love to hear from you, and we take your questions, comments and feedback seriously. When you ask us something, we not only want you to know the answer, but we want everyone to know as well. Here are some of questions we get asked all the time, just click or touch on a qustion to see the answer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gymboree Play and Music is a researched-based learning program for children 0-5 years of age and their caregivers.  It offers experiences and learning opportunities that are excellent for physical development, brain development and positive early social experiences.  It aids in the development of the whole child --cognitive, physical, social and emotional.  Finally, Gymboree Play and Music offers positive, fun, first shared experiences, knowing that first experiences form the building blocks of all future learning.

No. Gymboree is not a gym or fitness program but an education program.  Child development experts know that new human beings learn the most through movement and sensory experiences. They also know that gross motor movement is learned first prior to fine motor movement.   Therefore, our classrooms consist of equipment and activities that at first glance may appear to be gym equipment, but are used however to educate. Gymboree's name also contributes to this confusion. It is a misnomer and was created over 40 years ago before developmental experts understood the importance of the first three  years of life to one's potential.  So, what started out just as a fun, social experience has turned into an opportunity for positive development of the whole child.

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