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Online Classes for Kids from Gymboree Play & Music Thousand Oaks!

Our physical store in Thousand Oaks, CA remains closed at this time, but we are offering the best online classes for kids ages 0-5! Click the Online Classes button below to learn about all our Virtual Playtime online classes membership. This online membership offers a way to participate in virtual classes to get your kids learning, moving, and having fun all from the comfort and safety of your own home! Click the On Demand Classes button to go to our online classes store for immediate video streaming options. Here we are offering pre-recorded virtual classes as well as free online activities for your kids. We hope to see you and your little ones online with us very soon! Be safe and healthy.

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At-Home Activities for Toddlers
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At-Home Activities for Toddlers

Keeping up with your child's learning and development are so incredibly important - even on sick days! Consistency is important for your little ones. Children at this age are learning at a rapid rate every single day. We would like to reassure families that they can still come in and play. We are taking extra precautions and preventative measures for your family. It's still cold and flu season though! So, for those stuck at home on a sick day, we have some suggestons for how to keep those ever moving toddlers busy while working their minds and their bodies!

Here are 10 at-home activities for you and your toddler:

Popsicle Bath – Pedialyte popsicles for sick littles are always a special treat. Popping them in the bathtub with them doubles the fun!

Rice Bin – Sensory play is huge for babies and toddlers! Creating a rice bin with objects for them to dig through and sort for encourages both interaction and development.

Flashlight Fort – Rainy days, sick days, any indoor day isn't complete without a great fort. Supply your littles with flashlights and other accessories for more fun and creative thinking.

Lego Bath – Bath time keeps them contained, helps them to wash the day away, and can afford you lots of entertainment time for your little ones. Legos in the bath is just one example. Any hard plastic toys with no batteries or the like can be used for an underwater adventure.

Coloring and Puzzles – You can have your little one create their own masterpiece, cut it up into puzzle pieces, and then help them solve the puzzle to put it back together!

Pasta Sorting Tray – This is another great sensory activity that engages children in sorting and counting as well.

Glow in the Dark Bath – Have some spare glow sticks around the house? Make bathtime a new experience!

Create a Collage – Get those art skills working! Have lots of extra scrap paper, stickers, and other odds and ends? Let your child create a collage mashup masterpiece!

Make a Domino Chain Around the House – And of course the grand finale, tip one over and let them fall.

Help With House Tasks – This may sound counterproductive, but when you slow down each task and include your little they have a sense of responsibility and pride in their task. They'll love to know that they're helping you and appreciate the extra one on one time as you go along together.

What are your favorite at home activities? Just a reminder, our memberships are unlimited class memberships. If you miss a class, you can come in at any time when you are well to take a class that fits in your schedule and join back into the fun!



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