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Choose from Pre-school Steps for 2-3 years and School Skills for 3-5 years. Both programs give your child a solid foundation for future learning environments.

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Learning Through Play

Our custom research-based curriculum has been created around the three key elements to early childhood development: Social/Emotional, Cognitive, and Physical.

Creativity and Confidence

Our strategy for play implements a child-led approach that gives children the ability to grow in their creativity and confidence to set a child up for a lifetime of learning.

Best Indoor Play Equipment

We provide a large, fun, safe soft-play gym for 0-5 year olds. Our proprietary equipment was specifically designed by child development experts to create challenges that inspire learning.

Learn About Our Kids Classes

We offer art, music, and play classes at our expertly designed play gym in Thousand Oaks!

The Gymboree Play & Music program is designed by child development specialists to build children’s skills and self-esteem while helping them to grow to be confident, happy, and successful learners. Our kids activities, classes, and equipment are set up in a way that allow your little ones to freely move, play and explore safely!


Crawlers (6-14 months)

These babies are on the move! Crawling, cruising, rolling, sitting, ready to explore anything and everything. In this class, we boogie down with our babies, get up and dance, give them baby massages, sing songs, and explore new physical challenges every week!


Walkers (10-18 months)

Just like that your little one is walking! They might not be steady, but they’ve taken their first few steps! Now more than ever is the time to build those muscles, strengthen those legs, and let those little ones take off! Teacher led activities will focus on different ways to use our equipment each week.


Runners (16-24 months)

Talk about being on the move! At this age, little ones’ abilities are exploding: they’re communicating, running, showing interest in friends, and can’t stop exploring! Class is all about opposites: loud and quiet, fast and slow, up and down! Contrasting “themes” to help your child better learn to communicate.


Explorers (2-3 years)

Your little one is communicating, sharing opinions, and showing interest in their first friends! They can do new things like walk backwards, jump, and balance on one foot. Our play floor comes to life with trips to the grocery store, eating pizza, finding bugs, and using creativity and imagination in all activities!


Family Play (6 months to 5 years)

Crawling, Walking, Running or Exploring: Everyone is welcome! Participating in a diverse class of physical, social, and cognitive developmental skills creates a dynamic class, where younger children benefit from watching older children and older children benefit from being leaders. Great for siblings!


School Skills (3-5 years)

Children are ready to embark on a classroom experience without their adults by their side. They are ready to collaborate and negotiate with their peers and learn ways to communicate and play together. Children will be challenged to work together as a class on collaborative games and activities!


Love love love this Gymboree! I have a toddler who has been a Gymboree kid since he was about four months old. The layout, classes and teachers have promoted him hitting key development and socialization levels. As a first time mom is was a great place to talk with other parents. Open gym is one of our favorite things to go to around nap time-consuming my son plays and sees kids of all ages.

- Jillian M.

My 15 month old took her first steps during a Walkers class, a few months ago! It is a joy to see her participate in the songs and activities. I have met some of my best mom friends here too! The staff are all great- they make us feel so welcome when we walk in through the door. We love this Gymboree so much we come 3-4 times a week!

- Lauren C.

I have been taking my twin 19 month old boys to gymboree for a little over a month. They love the classes and it has been wonderful to see them become more confident and capable on the equipment, it is so fun to see them participate during circle time, and to watch them interact with the other kids. I feel the classes are nourishing their social, emotional, and physical growth and I honestly couldn’t be happier. The instructors are creative, warm , and fun and the facility is organized and clean. Our days have definitely improved since joining Gymboree!!

- Lindsey T.

Gymbo looks forward to seeing you and your little one in an upcoming class very soon!

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Learn More About Our Location

We take the Gymboree Play & Music philosophy to heart. Every component of our Thousand Oaks location reflects that. We’ve made a big investment in finding and educating our teachers in early childhood development. Your child’s development & happiness is very important to us, so we are working to cultivate and develop the most invested teachers we can find. We update and refine our class schedules every quarter and we change our lesson plans and rotate our play-floor equipment every three weeks. This focus on teaching and lesson plans allowing us to offer a thorough curriculum for every level of learning!

In addition to our core classes, we have a School Skills Preschool Program (3-5 Years) building confidence and curiosity for kids. This drop-off program includes both independent and group learning activities that require cooperation and self-awareness while encouraging communication with peers.
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